Top Eats at 626 Night Market 2019

Is your mouth drooling yet?     Let’s Begin with My Top 9 626 Vendors….   1. @Cafe949  This was my second time trying Cafe 949 and they did not disappoint. They are known for their amazing garlic noodles, lobster and their fresh Vietnamese Coffee. You know I got all three. The noodles are doContinue reading “Top Eats at 626 Night Market 2019”

7 New Outrageous OC Fair Foods for Foodies

My Top 7 OC Fair Treats  Lets begin….. 1. Chicken Charlie’s Chicken & Waffles $11   2.  Dutchmen’s Nila Wafers & Banana Créme $13   3. Ted Pound Buns’ The Original & The Pepperoni $7.19 & $8.19 4.  Farm to Fair’s Curly Fries $3 to $5 (depends on size)   5. Oreo Puff Cone IceContinue reading “7 New Outrageous OC Fair Foods for Foodies”

The Best Eats in Paris

Paris. If you ever want to eat the best foods in Paris on a budget, these are the amazing spots I found  on my trip…….(more places coming soon) Ice Cream. When you get to the Eiffel Tower there are about four street vendors that serve ice cream. Flavors they have are Pistachio, Vanilla, Chocolate andContinue reading “The Best Eats in Paris”